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Empowering businesses to make a positive impact on our community

Let's empower
your business

Our mission is to make an impact on our communities and challenge the status quo by providing innovative solutions through accounting, consulting, and technology services.


Is your business ready to make an impact?


Beyond compliance, we build legacies - Our comprehensive accounting services go beyond meeting regulatory requirements to create long-term value that can span generations.


Transform your status quo - we collaborate with you to gain an understanding of your unique challenges and bring tailored solutions to create a future that challenges your status quo.


Revolutionise your business with technology - Our expert solutions empower you to optimise operations, drive growth, and enhance the customer experience.

We are proud to be a category sponsor for the Ashburton Business of The Year Awards


Deep experience in Mainland NZ

With 30 years of business consulting, we are a team that is passionate about transforming our clients through the power of accounting, technology, and consulting.


Since 1993, Croys has been making an impact, challenging the status quo, and caring for our communities.

croys map.png

Our space is in the heart of the city and allows us to service a range of commercial and agribusiness customers.

Just some of the 100s of businesses we've helped achieve life-changing results!

So, are you ready to challenge the status quo and make an impact on our community?

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