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Retiring Farmer


Meet John, a seasoned farmer with a thriving agriculture operation featuring multiple farms producing a diverse range of crops and livestock. After years of hard work and success, John is looking to take a step back from the day-to-day demands of farming, while preserving his equity and passing on his legacy to the next generation.

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How we can help?

At Croys, we offer a range of accounting, advisory, and consulting services that can help John achieve his goals, including:

Tax planning

We can assist John in optimising his tax strategy, ensuring he keeps more of his earnings through expert tax planning and deductions.

Succession planning:

We can help John secure the future of his farm, guiding him through succession planning, identifying successors, and ensuring a smooth transition.

Technology Consulting:

We can empower John with the latest financial technology, enhancing productivity through our expert technology consulting services.

Investment support (post-retirement):

We can help John to enjoy a comfortable retirement by providing investment support, helping him manage his finances and investments wisely.

With our extensive knowledge of the agriculture industry and our commitment to innovation and technology, Croys is the perfect partner for John as he looks to exit the farming world and pass on his hard-earned equity to the next generation. We can help John navigate the complexities of a successful farm succession and secure his legacy for future generations.

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